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Amazon uses Kiva Robots in their Warehouses

Amazon is all about shopping and selling thousands and thousands of different products all over the United States.  It’s easy to go online and makes purchases and like clockwork have it delivered to our doorstep, but have you ever thought what goes into getting those packages out of the warehouses. ...

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Autonomous Power Distribution System

Michigan Technological University researchers are developing a team of robots that can autonomously rebuild electrical networks in the event the power gets knocked out. The robots map out obstacles and string together power lines all on their own.  They can carry their own batteries, or could be outfitted with generators...

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Autonomous Robot For Underwater Inspection

Spotting concealed contraband at ports can now be a lot easier as researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an oval-shaped submersible robot that can perform ultrasound scans. They may not be as quick or efficient as airport sniffer dogs, but robots are getting ready to take...

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Scrobby: The Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Robots are going to learn to all kinds of things for us in the future. Going solar is a great way to connect your home and be environment friendly at the same time, but when mom yells “Whose turn its it to clean the solar panels?”no one listens.  So, who...

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Colias: Autonomous Robots to Replicate Swarm Behavior

Replicating behavior and working together to accomplish a certain task.  This new technology will make it more feasible and economical for researchers to replicate swarm behavior according to scientists involved with the Colias project. Colias, named after a genus of butterfly can be used to investigate collective behaviors and swarm...

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