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Gita Is The Cargo Robot You've Been Waiting For 0

Gita Is The Cargo Robot You’ve Been Waiting For

Have you ever come across this situation in your childhood where you towed your stuff behind you in a wagon? The company that manufactures the Vespa scooter has a new branch that has created the 21st century equivalent of that wagon. A self-balancing two-wheeled cargo robot that is capable of...

Charge driver less trucks 0

Charge Is Releasing Autonomous Trucks In UK

There could be a huge load of self-driving delivery vans next year on the streets of United Kingdom. A company named, Charge showcased at the wired 2016 conference in London, debuted a vehicle that boasts assembly time in less than four hours including autonomous driving. Denis Sverdlov, CEO of Charge said,...

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8 Features That Apple Car Will Offer

Apple is planning to step into the automobile business by 2019 by revealing their own electric vehicle. But the fabled “Titan” is still in the pipeline and details are still unknown. However, by comparing what the potential competitors are presenting in the market, we can make a guess at what...

hov 0

Zero Zero’s Hover Camera with 3D Scanning Technology

Hover Camera – The first product of Zero Zero Robotics was revealed recently as the company successfully achieved its funding goal of $25 million from prominent investors. The company was co-founded by two Stanford PhDs’, MQ Wang and Tony Wang. MQ Wang was also part of the Software Engineers team...

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ZANO: A New Meaning to the Term ‘Selfie’

We live in a society where taking selfie is the hottest thing to do.  Instant pictures of where you are shared with your friends and family within seconds.  This is where Zano comes in, it’s an autonomous drone that’s small enough to fit into your hand, and is equipped with...

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