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SubPac, Now You Can Wear The Bass of Your Music Around

Listening to music is the best time of the day for many people. You just plug in your headphones and immerse yourself in your favorite songs, avoiding all the unnecessary noise of the surroundings. There are many high end speaker and headphone systems that can satisfy your music needs but...

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This Lightweight Backpack is Every Backpacker’s Dream

For backpackers and hikers, the need of a light backpack with enough space cannot be emphasized enough. Kuiu have come up with a solution now with their Ultra and Icon lightweight backpacking system that can carry up to 70kg. The key lies in the spread tow carbon fiber frame that...

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5 Must Have Solar Powered Gadgets

It is really a bummer when our gadgets run out of juice and we cannot do the tasks that we normally would. Using the unlimited supply of energy from the Sun, the following gadgets come in really handy. These are not only smart, but also clean. Here is a list...

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Check Out The World’s Smallest Electronic Skateboard

Bolt skateboard – the smallest electronic vehicle in the world. Fair enough, it wouldn’t be your conventional definition of a vehicle, but this baby takes you places and technically, the claim is viable. To top it off, it is also the world’s smallest skateboard, a la mode: it can also...

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