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Glow in The Dark Murals (3) 0

This Girl can Dreamscape your Room with Glow in the Dark Murals

Bogi Fobian, a Hungarian artist, paints with UV paints to create glowing murals that transform rooms into a dreamscape! Her art is multi-faceted – quite literally. Her paintings exhibit multiple looks under different (or no) sources of light. She does create murals that aren’t visible in daylight at all, but some of...

Banana Art (1) 0

This Artist Transforms Bananas Into Unique Sculptures

Fruits are meant to be eaten.. But can they be turned into art? Dutch artist Stephan Brusche has a unique sculpting talent! He can transform Bananas into stunning pieces of art. The 37-year-old graphic designer leaves neither skin nor flesh of the fruit to create yummilicious sculptures of a variety....

postit3 0

They Transformed the Boring Office Wall Into Something Heroic with 8,024 Post-It Notes

Most office environments aren’t very colourful and are usually boring to look at.  One office worker decided to change his own office by creating colourful murals of superheroes with post-it-notes. Ben Brucker’s solution was to cover the office’s walls with a series of superhero portraits made from a total of...

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