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Honda’s Project 2&4 Is The Cross Between Bike And Car

Is it a car? Is it a bike? Well, it’s a bit of both to be honest. Honda has finally unveiled its Project 2&4 that uses a legendary motorcycle engine and puts it into a completely road legal car. This is Honda’s response to the Ariel Atom and BAC Mono...

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The Dainese Airbag Jacket For Bikers Is Pure Awesomeness!

With the amount of mortal injuries increasing for motorcyclists, the need for airbags for those who prefer two wheels was dire. Thankfully, airbags have been available for motorcyclists for quite some time now, but they are dependent on external systems. Some are triggered by wireless commands from the motorcycle while...

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Garmin’s Varia Radar Warns Bikers Of What’s Following

When Ikubu Ltd dissolved into world renowned technology deliverer Garmin, who had acquired the right to their fancy Backtrader back in January; it was only a matter of time before it hit the market, revamped and retooled. Garmin’s Varia Rear View Bike Radar was announced as the month set and...

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Miilo – The bike that grows with your child

“How fast have they grown up?” This is the phrase we often hear around our family when the kids are being discussed. Their stuff no longer fit them and one has to buy new stuff every few years. One of these things is your kid’s bike, paying attention to the...

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