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The World’s First Indoor/Outdoor eBike, Falco eDrive 0

The World’s First Indoor/Outdoor eBike, Falco eDrive

The all-new Falco eDrive is an electric bike drive that doubles as an indoor trainer and is a year-round cycling solution for those that enjoy living in the saddle. This indoor/outdoor cycling system drops a powered wheel onto your bicycle for up to 100 miles (161 km) of e-boosted range,...

Rivet Motorcycle (2) 0

Now you can have a Motorcycle designed by Captain Kirk!

Our very own Captain Kirk has designed a motorbike that works in this realm. William Shatner, who got together with American Wrench, a custom motorcycle company in Illinois, has designed a technologically advanced motorcycle that has been named Rivet. The motorcycle’s engine is a V8, all-aluminum, supercharged, super cooled, and computer-controlled that gives...

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