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An Insect-Inspired Robot Much Faster Than Other Robots 0

An Insect-Inspired Robot Much Faster Than Other Robots

A six-legged robot that is capable of moving much faster as compared to other robots has been created by an international team of engineers. The researchers with the University of Lausanne and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, UNIL and EPFL, looked to the organic to create the inorganic, similar to...

check-out-the-reason-why-our-voice-sounds-different-in-recordings-2 0

This Is Why Our Voice Sounds Different In Recordings

After watching yourself talk in a homemade videotape or listening to your own voicemail messages, you must have all wondered if this is really how you sound like? Well, the fact that our voice sounds very different as compared to what comes out of our mouth must have something to...

A Stingray Created Using 3D Printing and Genetic Engineering (5) 0

Meet The World’s First 3D Printed Animal

Nobody thought that a Rat, some Gold and Silicone would develop into a small stingray one day, however, using 3D printing and genetic engineering, a group of scientists have carried out a research lately in order to create a biohybrid animal. In order to move, this tiny swimmer uses the...

Epigenetic Robots 0

Epigenetic Robot Study Concludes That Posture Helps In Speeding Up Infant’s Learning

Humanoids aren’t only the center for research regarding their mechanical functionality; they are now in the limelight for psychological research as well. A team at the Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences at Indiana University, led by Professor Linda Smith, is using humanoid robots designed to mimic infant behaviour (epigenetic robots), to research...

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