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This Artificial Leg Let’s Amputees Feel Sensations in their Feet

A team of Austrian scientists have come up with technology that lets amputees feel sensations in their feet. Their prosthetic leg is fitted with nerve stimulating sensors that connect to an amputee’s stump and generate real sensations. Wolfang Rangger, the first person to receive this prosthetic limb can now experience...

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Sweat Analyzing Skin Patch – NO MORE NEEDLES!!!

Drawing blood and testing it is standard practice for many medical diagnostics, but no one likes the process. Children especially are traumatized by the sight of a needle. As a less painful alternative, scientists have developed skin patches that could one day replace the syringe. No poking or prodding necessary...

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Groundbreaking 3D printed heart saves a baby’s life!

An amazing lifesaving operation was carried out using 3D printing and MRI technology on a two weeks old baby having congenital heart defect; MRI images were taken of the baby’s heart and used to create a 3D map of it to construct it in a proper manner. This project was...

Mind Control – A Reality 0

Mind Control – A Reality!

Our today’s article is about biomedical technology and how the progress in technology has brought about wonders in this field. Like we have mentioned so many times before, science and technology are shaping every field in almost every aspect. Recently experiment dealing with mind controlled vehicles was carried out in the...

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