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The Sound Torch Is Where Music And Pyrotechnics Meet

We’ve seen many Bluetooth speakers in the past but, there’s a new speaker that is burning to come out on the market that will leave you in awe.  It’s called The Sound Torch and it’s a portable Bluetooth speaker that adds a unique visual element to your listening experience. The...

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Pelty Bluetooth Speaker – Candle Powered Bluetooth Speaker

There is quite a debate going on the matter of all this technological advancement ruining our interaction with one another as humans since most of us, especially the teens, are usually busy with their gadgets and have little or no time for family members or to go out and play...

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Let the Music Play – BeoSound Essence

We just love CES. It brings so many ideas out to the platform of reality and well it gets us excited to say the least. This time around there has been so many gadgets and conceptual ideas which were presented at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

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