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SONY Puts A Bluetooth Speaker In An LED Light Bulb

Sony is known for coming up with creative and amazing gadgets and it has done the same again. It recently unveiled its newest gadget, LED light bulb speaker, at the IFA event in Berlin.  The LED bulb which has a Bluetooth speaker built-in is meant to give customers the wonderful...

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AUGUST: The New Smart Lock

Home security systems have always been part of a big market, but now the home automation market is really starting to take off, and surprisingly door locks are becoming the biggest area of interest, especially keyless entries. August, the brainchild of Yves Behar and Jason Johnson, combines elements of smartphone...

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SpotnSave: A Wristband for Safety

When we’re out alone we are afraid of being mugged, or even kidnapped.   No thief is going to wait for us to take out our phone and call the police.  There’s a new gadget out in the market that might be able to reduce certain crimes.  It’s a wristband that...

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