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12 Must Have Apps On Your iPhone To Stay Organized

The iPhone has the largest collection of apps for a mobile, beating android/Google that comes in at number two. But with so many options at hand, it is easy to get confused in choosing apps. Here is a list of must have apps (in no particular order) that will help...

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Zero Zero’s Hover Camera with 3D Scanning Technology

Hover Camera – The first product of Zero Zero Robotics was revealed recently as the company successfully achieved its funding goal of $25 million from prominent investors. The company was co-founded by two Stanford PhDs’, MQ Wang and Tony Wang. MQ Wang was also part of the Software Engineers team...

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The Purpose of Tiny Hole Next to iPhone’s Camera Finally Revealed

People have often wondered what the tiny hole next to an iPhone’s camera is all about. There have been many bizarre theories, some claiming that it is some sort of reset button like the one used in old Casio calculators, only to put a pin in there and find out...

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MIT’s New Camera Can Catch Travelling Light on Film

A new camera developed by a group of researchers at MIT has just broken all records in photography. It has the ability to photograph a trillion frames per second. That number is huge in itself but just to get the idea sunk in, the traditional movie camera takes a mere...

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