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Vibrations Turned Into Ceramics By 3D Printers

Theres nothing more beautiful than a handmade clay pot made on a potter’s wheel, but we now live in a day and time where innovation is at its best.  A new kind of sculpting is taking everyone by storm.  The distinctive textures made on clay sculptures take hold of vibrations...

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Miniature Hand Thrown Pottery By Jon Almeda Is Amazing

Jon Almeda is the master of miniature ceramics.  He creates tiny hand thrown pottery at 1” scale that is just as detailed as their much larger counterparts.  The Washington-based artist makes vases, bowls, and even tea kettles tiny enough to sit atop a coin or toothbrush. Almeda uses a custom...

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Artist’s Mythical Animal Sculptures Will Leave You Stunned

When they said “let your imagination run wild,” this artist took it literally.  Artist Ellen Jewett combines plants, animals, and man-made devices to create mystical sculptures. She refers to her work as “natural history surrealist sculpture.” This talented sculptor is based in Canada creates this unbelievably detailed and delicate looking...

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