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Solar Socket Is Your New Best Friend 0

Solar Socket Is Your New Best Friend

This new gadget helps users to charge their devices/tech using solar power directly from a window. The first solar-powered socket was created by the students of the Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul, Kyuho Song and Boa Oh. One side has the solar panel and the other side has...

solar powered gadgets 0

5 Must Have Solar Powered Gadgets

It is really a bummer when our gadgets run out of juice and we cannot do the tasks that we normally would. Using the unlimited supply of energy from the Sun, the following gadgets come in really handy. These are not only smart, but also clean. Here is a list...

Bolt The Electric Skate Board (3) 0

Check Out The World’s Smallest Electronic Skateboard

Bolt skateboard – the smallest electronic vehicle in the world. Fair enough, it wouldn’t be your conventional definition of a vehicle, but this baby takes you places and technically, the claim is viable. To top it off, it is also the world’s smallest skateboard, a la mode: it can also...

xoobelt9 0

XOO Belt by Nifty – A Phone-Charging Belt

We know you hate lugging around your phone charger.  Wires getting tangled and not having a place to plug it in is just a couple of the horrors of a phone battery about to die.  Well, Nifty a company from England is tackling the issue of cell phone battery life....

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