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12 Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

Nowadays, it almost feels like there is an app for everything. With so much advancement in technology, why should it just stop at apps? And it hasn’t. Technology has given us many handy gadgets that make our lives easier. Here is a list of 12 gadgets of everyday use that...

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BBC’s Micro: Bit Is Inspiring Children To Learn Programming

The BBC unveiled their final design for the micro: bit computer, a tiny computer that is to help children to learn to program at an early age. The Micro: Bit computers hold a Raspberry Pi feel within them. BBC are planning to hand out these tiny computers to one million...

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Miilo – The bike that grows with your child

“How fast have they grown up?” This is the phrase we often hear around our family when the kids are being discussed. Their stuff no longer fit them and one has to buy new stuff every few years. One of these things is your kid’s bike, paying attention to the...

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If you like Children or Dolls, Don’t look here.

They’re creepy, and oh my god They’re creepy. Regardless, we’re pretty sure these face swaps of children and their dolls could inspire an episode for a future “Twilight Zone.” It was posted on Reddit and Imgur, here. “I don’t know why I opened the link sent to me titled ‘faceswaps...

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