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Top 10 Amazing Buildings According to Architects

Buildings are a work of art if done correctly. A well sculptured and constructed building is like a symphony to the eyes of the viewer and the design of the building also matters a lot. Some architects were asked about their opinion on particular buildings and we devised a top...

3D Printed Steel Bridge (3) 3

MX3D’s Revolutionary 3D Printer Set to Print a Functional Steel Bridge in Amsterdam!

As 3D printing enjoys the penultimate technological attention today, 3D printers of all shapes and sizes are being created to cater to different markets and purposes. One such invention happens to be a multi-axis robotic 3D printer created by an Amsterdam based company, MX3D, and this printer promises to 3D...

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Shortlisted Designs For Pedestrian And Cycle Bridge on Thames Between Nine Elms And Pimlico

An engineering design competition for designing a pedestrian and cycle bridge across the Thames River in London, connecting Nine Elms on the South Bank with the Pimlico embankment, has reached its final round and four finalists have been shortlisted. The contest received 74 entries, out of which only four stood the rigour of Wandsworth...

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3D Laser Measurement Assembly on Your Smartphone – Spike

Smartphones are an essential part of our lives now and it is impossible to imagine life without them. That is exactly why we see a range of gadgets being produced which compliment smartphones in one way or another.

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