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Clean Energy Is Being Produced By Using CO2 Conversion Technology

There are doubts in many peoples’ minds that the man-made climate change is a hoax and not legitimate. But there are no doubts when it comes to stopping the release of excess CO2 in the atmosphere. After the success of solar, wind and wave power as clean energies in the...

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The Eco Wave Project – Harnessing Renewable Energy From Waves

Eco Wave Power (EWP) inaugurated its first ever grid-connected wave power station in Gibraltar. This was a big moment for the company with most of its focus on the ammunition jetty of the Gibraltar station. Construction started on the first-phase station at the beginning of the year, with testing taking...

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5 Must Have Solar Powered Gadgets

It is really a bummer when our gadgets run out of juice and we cannot do the tasks that we normally would. Using the unlimited supply of energy from the Sun, the following gadgets come in really handy. These are not only smart, but also clean. Here is a list...

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Green Technology – Dubai to Build World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

Last week, Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) announced building the world’s largest solar power plant comprising of 5 individual facilities. The sheer size of this project can be estimated from the fact that the plant will produce 1000MW of energy by 2020 and when fully complete in 2030, it...

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