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Colin Furze Invents Palm-mounted  Liquid Nitrogen Gun (1) 0

Colin Furze Invents Palm-mounted Liquid Nitrogen Gun

By his transformation into a real-life Ice Man, Colin Furze has become a member of X-Men. This plumber turned inventor, equipped with liquid nitrogen, questioned the possibility of a liquid nitrogen gun that may perhaps freeze things on contact. Most of his time was spent to work out how to...

Wolverine claws 1 0

Wolverine Claws – A reality Thanks To Colin Furze!

With the superhero mania on the rise, it is not a surprise that crazy fans are going extremes to be like their favorites, be it Spidy, Baty or Wolvy aka Wolverine! These fans want to be just like them, as close to reality as possible; even if they have to...

World’s Most Dangerous Jet Powered Bicycle – Norah-3 0

Look Out Folks – Here Comes Norah

DIY projects are becoming quite famous. One can find almost all of the information from the internet and add a hint of creativity and there you have it; your very own invention which might turn out to be cool and fun. Meet, Colin Furze who has a record for coming...

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