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Check Out The Top 10 Futuristic Concept Cars In The World 0

10 Amazing Futuristic Concept Cars From All Around The Globe

It seems that the future cars might be more high-tech as compared to most homes. This is what we have gathered from the futuristic concept cars automakers have been building. We rounded up the most tech-savvy cars we could find and what it means for the future of driving. 10....

manifesto wins top design challenge 2 0

Manifesto Wins Ferrari Top Design School Challenge

We’re always waiting for the next supercar design that is launched.  It’s always better than its predecessors, especially when we’re talking about Ferraris.  To keep their look new and fresh, Ferrari chose top design schools around the world to submit models of cars to see what ferrari’s would look like...

Toyota FT-1 3 0

Toyota’s New Concept Car – FT-1

Who doesn’t like sports cars? They are the epitome of awesomeness and perfection. However, there are some Car companies which have kept to their simpler image of car and have not bothered stepping up the game to sports car. However, one car company is going to change that and that...

Bring it On – Pininfarina’s Sergio 4 0

Bring it On – Pininfarina’s Sergio

For the past 80 years Pininfarina has represented the peak of automotive design.  The Italian auto design company has worked with the likes of Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari to design the bodies of some of the world’s most beautiful vehicles.  Simply consider how many Ferraris you’ve drooled over that...

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