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Constructing Domes By Inflating Hardened Concrete 0

Constructing Domes By Inflating Hardened Concrete

A new system has been created to develop an inflatable concrete structure using much fewer resources than ever before by researchers at TU Wien University. Thousands of years ago, concrete was used for the construction of glorious structures by ancient civilizations. Its usefulness has survived the test of time and...

3d printed concrete 4 0

3D Printed Concrete Is Already Here

The field of construction has benefited a lot from the progressive strides made in 3D printing. There are a few critics who claim to be waiting for all those elaborative architectural designs to come to life but there have been many offices and buildings that have been printed via 3D...

3d printed building in dubai 1 0

The World’s First 3D-Printed Office is Now Open in Dubai

3D printing is taking the world by storm.  We will now be admiring the world’s first 3D printed office building which opened this week in Dubai.  It’s a 2,700 square foot, single story built that was built using a gigantic, 20 foot tall 3D printer spitting out a special mix...

everblock 1 0

EverBlock Is A Supersized Lego For Commercial Use

Arnon Rosan is an investor and entrepreneur based in New York City. His vast array of experiences includes modular plastic flooring, fencing and roadway systems with military and disaster relief applications for his products. He is also an innovator and has now come up with a potentially ingenious idea that...

3D Printed Building Dubai (2) 0

Dubai’s First Ever 3D Printed Office Building Sets the Tone for “Museum of the Future”

While the 3D printed bridge in Amsterdam remains Europe’s most awaited 3D printing-construction marvel, Dubai, never to stay behind in the race for the title of the most technologically advanced city on the Earth, is all geared up to host its very own 3D printed construction feat. The office building...

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