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These Amazing Motorcycles Have Been Created By James Rice Using Only Bent Spoons 0

This Amazing Motorcycle Have Been Created By James Rice Using Only Bent Spoons

Meet James Rice, an American artist who has become an internet sensation following his creation of miniature motorcycle sculptures that he creates using only bent spoons. Pictures of his peculiar art have already gone viral securing hundreds of thousands of shares and likes. He even sells these sculptures from time...

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Check Out Handmade Wood and Paper Birds by Zack McLaughlin

Zack Mclaughlin is a London based illustrator who constructs realistic looking birds from wood and cut paper.  He graduated with Ba Hons in illustration from the University of Westminster.  He works mainly in acrylic paints and creates colourful, fun and informative artwork for all ages to enjoy.  When he was...

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Steampunk Lion: A Blank Page to a Work of Art

Artistic inspiration leads to inspirational art, and the greatest form of creativity comes when an artist shares their work and encourages others.  Romanian artist, Paula Duta shows us how she created her detailed drawing, Steampunk Lion.  This is one of the artist’s favourite works.  The Steampunk Lion is a 100/70...

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