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8 Features That Apple Car Will Offer

Apple is planning to step into the automobile business by 2019 by revealing their own electric vehicle. But the fabled “Titan” is still in the pipeline and details are still unknown. However, by comparing what the potential competitors are presenting in the market, we can make a guess at what...

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This Skull Armchair Is For The Super-Villains

Do you want to own a very cool piece of furniture? Do you need an evil boss chair? Do you have what it takes to be a super-villain? Well, French designer Gregory Besson has designed a armchair just for you. It is shaped like a skull and is made from...

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Now You Need Only One Pair Of Shooz For All Occasions

Do you have too many shoes for your liking? Well now you can wear all types of shoes by buying just one pair. A crowdfunded company called Shooz has invented and released their customizable shoe line. Each shoe has the same sole and base structure whereas a skin can be...

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