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Funky Edible Sculptures (9) 0

These Tiny Sculptures Are Edible But Too Cute To Eat!

Danling Xiao’s instagram project called Mundanne Matters has people drooling and awing at the same pace! This genius takes everyday items, most of them edible, and sculpts them into tiny characters and/or objects, photographing them to befit their own little story on a magical stage. Her aim? The objects are “no...

Pressed Plant Colages by Helen (10) 0

Pressed Plant Leaves, A Media for Art!

We have covered a lot of amazing art pieces for you! The rice paper art by Jihyun Park, weird skeletal graffiti by Nychos and everyday objects illustrations by Christoph Niemann, to name a few. But the amount of creativity people are capable of introducing into this world is immense. It just...

Banana Art (1) 0

This Artist Transforms Bananas Into Unique Sculptures

Fruits are meant to be eaten.. But can they be turned into art? Dutch artist Stephan Brusche has a unique sculpting talent! He can transform Bananas into stunning pieces of art. The 37-year-old graphic designer leaves neither skin nor flesh of the fruit to create yummilicious sculptures of a variety....

Christopher Niemann Everyday Object Illustration 8 0

Everyday Objects to Create Amazing Illustrations – Artwork by Cristoph Niemann

What do creative artists do on Sundays? Random Art! In his series called Sunday Sketches, Christoph Niemann creates amazing illustrations using everyday objects with colorful ink. When he isn’t drawing for the New York Times and other prominent magazines, he creates random, interactive art pieces utilizing daily use objects in remarkably creative...

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