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USB Kill Stick Is A Weaponized USB Priced At $55

Say you found a random USB lying in the computer lab. Out of curiosity, you decided to plug it in the system and see what secretes does it hold. WRONG MOVE! It may very well be the USB Kill Stick that has been designed to take out your hardware. Yes,...

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The Fidget Cube Is The Gadget For Your Restless Fingers

Well, you will be amazed to know that most of us just love to fidget, whether it’s flipping paper clips, clicking pens or merely playing with our fingers. Although it is not among the most productive habit, but now there is a new toy known as the Fidget Cube which...

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15 Variations On Everyday Items That Will Make Your Day!

Dull Days with lots and lots of work to do! We need all sorts of gadgets to help us keep our homes and offices organized, clean and manageable. The genius behind these gadgets are brilliant (think shoe organizers, flexible shelves and soap dispensers) but it doesn’t stop at that. Creative...

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