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25 Animals Just Chilling Out!!

Animals don’t over analyze situations….they know what they want.  They can teach us humans how to enjoy life, how to enjoy special moments, and how to live for the moment.  They are satisfied with the simple things in life, like a warm radiator or a warm spot on the floor...

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20 Photos That Were Timed Perfectly

I usually fail (very badly) to have my camera on me when I encounter a remarkable feat of nature that would make just the perfect photograph. Just the other day, the sky was a perfect purple against the backdrop of Margalla Hills.. and my camera was safely 200 kilo meters...

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25 Albino Animals that Give You the Fuzzies!

Albinism is the lack of melanin in the body that yields discoloration of hair, eyes and skin/fur. Albinism in humans is fairly common; it is prevalent in animal species too, albeit to a lesser degree. Nonetheless, nature has worked its magic to create unique members in different species that stand out,...

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You Won’t Believe How Cute These Baby Chameleons Are

The Sydney Taronga Zoo has become home to the newly hatched baby chameleons.  These tiny creatures are so miniscule that they can easily fit on a pencil or your fingertip.  Cute as hell, these veiled chameleons are only 5cm long and already winning the world over. The veiled chameleons are...

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Woodpecker Takes Weasel On the Ride of Its Life

Amateur photographer Martin Le-May, from Essex, has recorded the extraordinary image of a weasel riding on the back of a green woodpecker as it flies through the air.  The photograph was taken at the Hornchurch County Park in east London. Le-May and his wife were enjoying a leisurely walk in...

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26 Photogenic and Cute Animals

Here are some amazing pictures of animals that are both photogenic and cute while being classy and stylish. It would seem as if they were born to be photographed. Check out the pictures below. All pictures are courtesy of Blaze Press. 26. Pretty Panda 25. Lovely llama 24. Breath-taking Bear...

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