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Take A Look At The New Way Of Making Students Focus In Class Via Cycling 0

This Is How Students Can overcome their focus problems

A teacher in North Carolina devised a method for her eight grade students to channel their energy in a unique way, that is cycling, who were having focus problems during math class. The teacher from Wake County, Bethany Lambeth, has observed that not only the quality of her students’ work...

go-e onwheel 1 0

Go-e ONwheel Is An Electric Assist For Your Bicycle

In addition to the completely electric bicycles which are very popular today, many gadgets have been introduced into the market to give your bike an electric assist. An example is the motorized wheel which uses the existing rear wheel on a bike. A more recent and advanced gadget by Go-e...

solos smart glasses 1 0

Kopin Reveals Solos Smart Glasses For Cyclists

With the fast paced evolution of smartphones and computers, different gadgets have also been invented for the cyclists which keep them updated about different things. But invariably, these gadgets draw focus away from the road. Even if it’s a tracking app that is being used on a phone, it requires...

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