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Daqri Uses Holograms For Super-Fast 3D Printing 0

Daqri Uses Holograms For Super-Fast 3D Printing

It has been ascertained that 3D-printing technology is to cure light-activated plastic via laser, building up layers one at a time in a time-consuming process. However, a new way of accelerating this process has been found by a tech start-up Daqri by making use of a 3-dimensional hologram. The printer...

android hard hat4 0

The New Android Smart Hard Hat by DAQRI

After making its way to phones, watches, tablets, TVs, and more, Android has now come to hats.  Hard hats that is, to be more specific, designed for the industrial environment such as engineers and construction workers. A Los Angeles based company, Daqri has come up with a hard hat which...

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