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Here's What Happens When You Scan A Mirror 0

Here’s What Happens When You Scan A Mirror

Here’s what happens: Not Much. Its dark, almost black, with the mirrors outline pictured. But wait! I know the results are a little anti-climatic, but will you just leave without knowing why? I knew you wouldn’t! A scanner works per following mechanism: Through the glass bed we put the document on, a...

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Here’s How These 11 Things Work

We often taken every day, simple things for granted.  Though we might use them on a daily basis we don’t know how they work they way they do.  We hope by learning how the following items work, you will enjoy its simplicity, clarity, and brevity. We would like to address...

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15 Facts That Will Blow You Away

The world is full of some of the most amazing facts that we have no idea of.  If you’re the type of person who randomly searches for real-life facts, we have some to add to your list.  It’s also a great way to impress family and friends with these cool,...

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