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5 Things that Got us Excited in CES 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show (aka CES) held annually January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Usually previews new technology and gives us exciting new product announcements. This year was no exception from the Razer’s Modular Desktop PC to the Oculus Rift’s latest prototype, there was plenty...


Get to Know the Characters of Marvel's ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, their Next Group of Superheroes.

There was a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy in this years Comic Con, which revealed to an excited audience that the titular heroes are, in the opinion of some at least, “a bunch of a-holes.” For those who haven’t read the comics, however, this assessment doesn’t give too much...

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Digital Paintings, by Sam Carlson.

Over the past 2 years Sam Calson has been working on these paintings, of Hydralisks, Robots, Batman, Final Fantasy, Dinosaurs, Diablo, and Landscapes. Prints can be found at Obilex.smugmug.com.

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Peachy Printer – The world’s first $100 3D Printer

Unlike most low cost 3D printers on the market which focus on using cheap component but similiar 3D printer design, Saskatchewan, Canada based Rylan Grayson invented his own: the Peachy Printer, the world’s first $100 3D printer. The peachy printer is a Photolithographic printer which uses a controlled beam of...

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A Futuristic Short Film HD: by Sight Systems

Is this what the Google glass will become? Although a year old, I still wanted to share this as it beautifully done and with a great insight what might the future become. A brilliant and disturbing short sci-fi film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, imagines a world in which...

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Animated Short : “Brain Divided” A Fight Between the Heart and the Brain.

Check out this great CGI animated short film by the talented Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song and Joon Soo Song! Presented by Ringling College of Art and Design and debuting online exclusively in Cartoon Brew’s 4th annual Student Animation Festival. For more information about this short film please see the...


The World's Most Precise Clock

A pair of experimental atomic clocks have succeeded in setting a new world record for stability. Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed two atomic clocks based on ytterbium atoms that have proved to be the most stable timepieces on the planet. This measurement is based...

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Top 10 Best Digital Cameras

With heaps of cameras coming out each year in the market, it can be a troublesome task to find the one that is better than the rest and fulfills your requirements. Our list here presents you with the ten best digital cameras out there so you can make an informed...

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