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Kobi Saves Your Lawn When You’re Being Super Lazy

Autumn is a colorful season; orange and red leaves fall down on the green grass. Quite an attractive view, that can quickly become nasty if not taken care of right away. People who do not clear their yards end up with a horrific amount of leaves. Moving on, clearing the snow...

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Meet BOCCO, The Family Robot

Communication has been made inherently easy with Wi-Fi technology, smartphones and the lot. Use of these gadgets has a downside to it, which feels unavoidable at times. Smartphones can be addictive to children, and extremely complicated to use for the elderly or disabled. Some parents may prefer not giving their children...

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RoboDynamics’ LUNA: A Personal Robot

Santa Monica based company, RoboDynamics believe their personal robot called ‘Luna’ will revolutionize robotics.  The innovation was developed back in 2011, but still has not been able to hit the market.  The developers have launched a funding campaign. Developed by RoboDynamics and design studio SchultzeWorks, Luna stands at 5 feet...

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BUDGEE – The Following Robot

We’ve all dreamed of having a robotic assistant like Star Wars’ R2D2 or Rosie, the house cleaning robot of the Jetsons. Well our dreams might just come true.  How cool would it be to have your own personal robot follow you around and carry your things.  A new generation of...

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OLLIE: A Smartphone Controlled Robot

With Christmas just around the corner, your kids or grandchildren are going to love you for this gift. Orbotix, the futuristic gizmo maker is launching its second remote controlled robot that you can control with an iOS or Android app.  This one is called Ollie.  Spinning around like a turbocharged...

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YURA: The Flying Drone Bartender

Don’t you wish that a drone would meet you at the end of the day and be ready to serve you your favorite Spanish Margarita? Though it’s still a concept, the idea behind Yura the flying bartender is to serve you a beverage of your choice whenever you want.  It...

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