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Nissan GT-R drone can go from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 1 0

Nissan GT-R drone Does 0 to 100 KMH In 1.3 Seconds

Due to advancement and dominance of drones these days, first person drone racing is turning out to be a very fair sport (Well, if you can name it that). It is becoming a thing nowadays; however the real question is that how much speed can be attained by these racing...

Australia's Game of Drones (2) 1

We Present To You.. Australia’s Game Of Drones

Gamers have a way of finding gaming in everything. Come drones, and what could you have but Drone Racing. Australian underground leagues have worked on a blossoming trend of drone racing, more intimately known as the FPV (first person racing) among its players. “It’s addictive. It’s like playing a video...

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