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The World’s First Indoor/Outdoor eBike, Falco eDrive 0

The World’s First Indoor/Outdoor eBike, Falco eDrive

The all-new Falco eDrive is an electric bike drive that doubles as an indoor trainer and is a year-round cycling solution for those that enjoy living in the saddle. This indoor/outdoor cycling system drops a powered wheel onto your bicycle for up to 100 miles (161 km) of e-boosted range,...

go-e onwheel 1 0

Go-e ONwheel Is An Electric Assist For Your Bicycle

In addition to the completely electric bicycles which are very popular today, many gadgets have been introduced into the market to give your bike an electric assist. An example is the motorized wheel which uses the existing rear wheel on a bike. A more recent and advanced gadget by Go-e...

JIVR E-Bike (2) 0

This Bike Can Be Folded And Is Compatible With Your Smartphone, Meet JIVR

Innovative Bike Designs are on the roll! Folding bicycles are gaining popularity with bikers and sports adventurists. The folding procedure can, though, become tedious due to the chain. British start-up JAM Vehicles has created a solution to that: the JIVRess Bike. This e-bike functions with a chainless sealed drivetrain instead, removing...

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