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Ocean Cleanup Project Plans to Clean The World’s Oceans

One of the major effects of environmental pollution and degradation is the fact that our oceans have become much polluted. Marine life and the environment are being adversely affected as a result. One Dutch company is set to change all that with their project called Ocean Cleanup. They plan to...

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Astronomers Discover Youngest Exoplanet

Astronomers have discovered an infant exoplanet called the K2-33b that is orbiting really close to a distant star. While the discovery of new exoplanets is not new, with Kepler and Hubble Telescopes having revealed no fewer than 3000 planets, but all these planets are in their mid-late stages of life....

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Green Gadget – BU Water Is A Sustainable Filtered Water Bottle With Style

A major problem that plagues modern society today is the waste generated by plastic water bottles.  An astonishing 50 billion plastic bottles are thrown away annually with only 1 out of 4 being recycled.  The BU water bottle is going to try to bring an alternative to single use plastic...

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Some of the Best Advertisements You will See

Ads go a long way in send messages across, if they are made correct. Here are some of the fines examples of beautiful advertisements; some ads may be funny, some might be more of a serious nature but they are all equally wonderful to perceive.

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11 Hilarious Animals being Jerks GIFs

They are cute and they are jerks. Animals sometimes show their wild sides and show us what it takes to get what you want, by being jerks. Here are 11 hilarious instances of Animals being jerks: It’s mine now…. They don’t care The best part is how the cat doesn’t...

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