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Porsche’s new electric car to take on Tesla 0

Porsche’s New Electric Car, Mission E, To Take On Tesla

Before long, Tesla will be facing some major competition. Porsche is doubling down on its electric car efforts and intends to display the Mission E, its first fully electric vehicle, by 2020. As per a Reuters report, Porsche, subsidiary of Volkswagen, mentioned in the past week that it schemes to...

goodyear new tire design 5 0

Goodyear’s BH03 Concept Tire Generates Electricity

Many people are weary of driving electric cars due to the fear of running out of charge in the middle of nowhere.  Conventional cars can go to a gas station that are abundantly available, but the same is not true for electric cars and their charging stations.  Goodyear, the tire...

tesla model x 1 0

The Amazing Tesla Model X Finally Revealed

Tesla have finally unveiled their new Model X car after many delays in full production trim. It has many new features to add to its amazing list of accolades with a mileage of 414km (less than the Model S), three rowed seating, falcon wing doors and a whole new, futuristic...

Refegera Geneva Unveiling (15) 0

This New Hybrid Hypercar by Koenigsegg can Go to 250 Mph without Fuel!

At the Geneva motor show, Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg revealed a new Regera hybrid hypercar; its first hybrid, powered by combinations engines: a V8, and three electric motors. An upgrade to the Agera supercar,Regera is track-focused and boasts upgraded bodywork, active aerodynamics and more power. Koenigsegg claims its the most powerful production car...

roadster3 0

Tesla Announces New Upgrades for Roadster

Battery technology has continued a steady improvement in recent years, especially in hybrid cars.  Well there is now good news for the owners of Tesla’s Roadsters.  The Roadsters will be able to achieve a claimed range of around 400 miles on a single charge.  Tesla is calling this the “Roadster...

Sunswift eVe10 0

The eVe built by Australian Students Beats Tesla Model S

When we talk about the Titans in the Automobile industry the names that pop up are General Motors, BMW and Tesla. However, when you ignore the rest you potentially close your eyes to the challenge that they can propose, as has been done by a team of students from an...

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