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Kobi Saves Your Lawn When You’re Being Super Lazy

Autumn is a colorful season; orange and red leaves fall down on the green grass. Quite an attractive view, that can quickly become nasty if not taken care of right away. People who do not clear their yards end up with a horrific amount of leaves. Moving on, clearing the snow...

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8 Features That Apple Car Will Offer

Apple is planning to step into the automobile business by 2019 by revealing their own electric vehicle. But the fabled “Titan” is still in the pipeline and details are still unknown. However, by comparing what the potential competitors are presenting in the market, we can make a guess at what...

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Go-e ONwheel Is An Electric Assist For Your Bicycle

In addition to the completely electric bicycles which are very popular today, many gadgets have been introduced into the market to give your bike an electric assist. An example is the motorized wheel which uses the existing rear wheel on a bike. A more recent and advanced gadget by Go-e...

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