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Solar Socket Is Your New Best Friend 0

Solar Socket Is Your New Best Friend

This new gadget helps users to charge their devices/tech using solar power directly from a window. The first solar-powered socket was created by the students of the Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul, Kyuho Song and Boa Oh. One side has the solar panel and the other side has...

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The LED Light Bulb By Dyson Lasts A Lifetime

Jake Dyson, son of vacuum titan James Dyson, has created an LED that keeps its brightness for over 40 years. Dyson is the founder of Jake Dyson Lighting, which he founded in 2004 and is now a subsidiary of the larger Dyson brand. It might be the smartest, cheapest, and...

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WIND TREES: A Prototype To Conserve Energy

Energy conservation is a one of the most important goals nowadays.  A French company has developed a prototype “Wind Tree” that generates power from air currents.  Marketing for the invention will begin next year. The founder of the Parisian company, NewWind, Jerome Michaud-Lariviere explains that the tree uses tiny blades...

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Land of Giants

The Gods came back, and forbade everyone from using the magic that is ‘Electricity’. He who used it suffered grave consequences…. Sounds like an amazing sci-fi setup. “Land of Giants” is a creative mix of the apocalyptic science-fiction, western and martial arts genre. After the storm reduced our world to...

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