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This Inspiring Family Lives In A Glass Dome in The Arctic Circle

Benjamin and Ingrid Marie Hertefølger have built a unique all-natural house completely covered by a glass dome, on a plot of land on Norway’s Sandhorney Island, in the Arctic Circle. They were inspired to find an eco-friendly way for their family to live on this planet. The Hertefølgers wanted to live in...

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Green Technology – Promession Is An Eco-Friendly Burial Alternative

There are many ways we can contribute to the green movement.  Fuel-efficient cars, eco-friendly lightbulbs or smart thermostats are just a few things we can do to give back to Mother Earth, but have you ever thought about how to be environmentally friendly once  you die?  Even though it’s a...

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Green Gadget – WaterDrop Helps You Save Water

Have you ever considered how much of nature’s resources we waste on a daily basis? The climate change is more about raising awareness and making small changes to our habits rather than taking drastic steps when it comes to an individual. We all know that water resources are going down...

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New Eco-Friendly Airport to be Built in Mexico City

Cities all over the world want to build mega-airports to modernize their image and to reel in the big tourism bucks. Soon enough Mexico City will add its name to list of ‘airports to see’.  Mexico City’s gigantic new airport proposal announced today and is being called “most sustainable” in...

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