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Volkswagen’s I.D. Concept Has Been Unveiled Ahead Of 2016 Paris Motor Show

Volkswagen following their Dieselgate emission scandal responded with an apology and a promise to change. The company vowed to focus on ‘green’ products and e-mobility while stating that it will introduce 30 all-electric models within the next ten years. Following a year after the Environmental Protection Agency’s initial notice of...

US Department Of Energy Will Use 3D Printing For Manufacturing Turbine Blades 0

US Department Of Energy Will Use 3D Printing For Manufacturing Turbine Blades

We have stated repeatedly that 3D printing is the option to go with owing to its myriad of advantages. A number of industries are utilizing 3D printing to make the process cost-effective and speedy. US President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled the new Clean Power Plan on...

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Japan’s Kamikatsu Shows The World How Zero Waste Is Done !!

We as human produce an alarming amount of waste and honestly, it is threatening the survival of our planet.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that only 12 percent of plastic waste currently gets recycled as the rest goes to a landfill where it takes at least 1,000 years to...

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10 Plants You Should Try To Improve Air Quality At Your Home

Houseplants are more than just decoration, they are inhabitants of your house.  They turn your room into living space, bring life to your interiors.  More importantly, they make the air you breath more breathable, releasing oxygen and filtering out everyday pollutants.  They also release phytochemicals, which suppress mould spores and...

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EVA: The Smart Showerhead

We waste the most water while taking long showers.  As you have noticed there are a ton of smart products out there.  A majority of these products are not really useful.  Let’s add one more product to the list: Eva- The world’s first smart shower device that savs water without...

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