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Tesla’s New Rival Is Elextra Sports Sedan 0

Tesla’s New Rival Is Elextra Sports Sedan

This year, the Geneva Motor Show will have several fascinating electric vehicles, including some we would have never seen coming before the first teaser or announcement made. One among that family is the Elextra sports sedan. It is a Swiss-designed, German-built four-door that attempts to marry curvy Italian styling with...

World's Fastest Electric Vehicle is a Chevy Corvette 0

World’s Fastest Electric Vehicle is a Chevy Corvette

Extremely fast electric vehicles have been produced in the industry by car makers and gear-heads, but the question is which one is the fastest? Well, it might not be too obvious for you to guess. A Genovation’s GXE, an extremely amazing modified Chevy Corvette has been declared as the world’s fastest...

tesla model x 1 0

The Amazing Tesla Model X Finally Revealed

Tesla have finally unveiled their new Model X car after many delays in full production trim. It has many new features to add to its amazing list of accolades with a mileage of 414km (less than the Model S), three rowed seating, falcon wing doors and a whole new, futuristic...

Zeod 2 0

ZEOD – Future of EV Cars

Automobiles nowadays are a necessity of life. As we all are aware that the first gasoline powered car was built in 1893 and since then they’ve been the ones to be running the automobile market! The racing-cars also run on gasoline, that provides them with the power to compete in...

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