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Learn How You Can Combine Education and Entertainment 0

Learn How You Can Combine Education and Entertainment

In an ideal world, no one should ever stop learning, and thanks to technology, children and adults alike can continue to learn at home, on the bus or in a park. Through a combination of technology and other methods, it is possible to both educate and entertain simultaneously, making the...

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Nestle Developing Exercise in a Bottle

We can foresee large crowds wanting to get their hands on this.  Can you imagine losing weight without having to exercise?  Researchers at Nestle are reportedly developing a calorie-burning drink that will reproduce the effects of exercise for its consumers. Scientists at the Nestle Institute of Health Science with headquarters...

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The Best Way to Exercise at the Office : THE GLYDER

Getting up and going to the gym is just so hard when you have a 9-5 job and you’re sitting at your desk all day. Now you can use something called the Glyder to exercise while you’re sitting, and burn calories.  Using the Glyder for thirty minutes to an hour...

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Workout A Tiny Winy Bit And Stay healthy!

Exercise is the key to a healthy living, we all know that but what to do about it or really WHEN to do it with all the busy routines that everyone is in; 9-5 desk jobs, client meetings, social parties, movies, seasons, eating, hangouts with friends and the list just...

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