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Terrafugia Transition Has Been Approved by FAA (3) 0

Terrafugia Transition, Flying Car Has Been Approved by FAA

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sanctioned a flying car prototype by Terrafugia that could direct us towards a future, we always dreamt of,  with flying cars that has been displayed in movies for years and is a hot debate ever since. Flying cars have become a reality now. A concept...

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Ehang 184, The First Ever Passenger Drone Approved for Test Flight

Drones have always been a subject of much controversy and Ehang recently caused a stir at the CES by announcing their new fully autonomous, battery-powered passenger drone. It is more of a combination of a personal helicopter and a quadcopter with certain high tech abilities but it may fail to...

amazondrone3 0

Look Out, Here Comes Drone Delivery from Amazon!

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has once again granted Amazon, the online retailer, permission to test drones for commercial use. The company had previously received the go-ahead in March, but it argued since six months had passed since the request, the prototype in question was obsolete.  They submitted a new...

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