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PYRO Fireball Shooter

Growing up we’ve all wanted to be some superhero or the other with a special power.  Now thanks to PYRO you can live your fantasies as a comic book character or video game villain. Designed by Adam Wilber and sold by Ellusiionist, Pyro is a mischievous, James Bond style  contraption...

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Top 10 Amazing Chemical Reactions.

There are chemical reactions going on all around us that would leave your head spinning. However, they’re happening at such a small scale that you don’t really get a good macroscopic look at them too often. Well, luckily there are chemists and reckless tinkerers to blow things up. Let’s zero...

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Segway-like Firefighter Robots

Robotics is becoming the talk of the day. The possibilities with robotics are endless. Believe it or not; they have already taken over industry because of their efficiency and the technological advancement that science is making every minute that passes by. However, there is a certain ‘gap’ between robotics and...

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