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Omnidirectional Wheels Are A Delight To Look At 0

Omnidirectional Wheels Are A Delight To Look At

Wheels that spin in every direction or omnidirectional wheels have already been used is specific vehicles like the forklift. However, that is set to change because a London based inventor called William Liddiard has invented special, plug-and-play set of omnidirectional wheels that can be attached to cars and other vehicles...

homemade hoverboard 1 0

This Homemade Hoverboard is Totally Awesome

If you have a curious mind, you have had the urge to build something from scratch at some point in your life. For guidance purposes, you can watch the videos on YouTube of a designer called Navin Khambhala who builds all sorts of creative projects from everyday things. Recently he...

bagel smart tape 0

Bagel Smart Tape Will Make Measurements Easy And Fun

Measuring tape is an essential household item that is used to measure various things and distances. But sometimes, it is difficult to use a conventional curled tape owing to different reasons. That is where Bagel smart tape comes in. It has built-in Bluetooth connectivity and data storage along with many...

gloveshot 0

The Modern Slingshot Called Gloveshot

Do you always hit the bull’s-eye when target practicing? Well, with this new slingshot, you will. If you are like target practice, you will love the Gloveshot. It is a perfect combination of modern engineering and design with old style techniques. The Gloveshot guarantees improved accuracy as it uses paracord...

Rainbow House (5) 0

The Rainbow House – A Perfect Getaway

One of Britain’s most fun and creative homes is on the rental market for £15,000 a month. Named as “The Rainbow House”, was a classic four-bedroom house that was given to a designer AB Rogers in 2009 for transformation. And boy did he do a wonderful job. A place where...

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