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Sharkman By Yang Zhao 0

Fancy Wearable Furniture Named Sharkman By Yang Zhao

Sharkman is lavish wearable furniture designed by Yang Zhao who is a young and talented Chinese designer. It lets you use it in several different ways. Sharkman provides a comfortable and incredible solution for those who like to have a safe zone. It is new generation wearable furniture that has...

skull armchair 1 0

This Skull Armchair Is For The Super-Villains

Do you want to own a very cool piece of furniture? Do you need an evil boss chair? Do you have what it takes to be a super-villain? Well, French designer Gregory Besson has designed a armchair just for you. It is shaped like a skull and is made from...

Breifcase table 1 0

This Table In A Briefcase Is Absolutely AMAZING!

We all use briefcases in our lives. Some carry them daily to their offices while others only keep important things in them at home. Some modified versions are used to put useful things to take along on a trip. But this recent modification is so unheard of, yet practical that...

everblock 1 0

EverBlock Is A Supersized Lego For Commercial Use

Arnon Rosan is an investor and entrepreneur based in New York City. His vast array of experiences includes modular plastic flooring, fencing and roadway systems with military and disaster relief applications for his products. He is also an innovator and has now come up with a potentially ingenious idea that...

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