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Swedish Company ARCAM And The Growth Of 3D Printing

3D printing sounds quite futuristic, but it’s already here.  The technology is pretty straightforward:  It is a small evolutionary step from spraying toner on paper to putting down layers of something more substantial (such as plastic resin) until the layers add up to an object. By enabling a machine to...

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MX3D’s Revolutionary 3D Printer Set to Print a Functional Steel Bridge in Amsterdam!

As 3D printing enjoys the penultimate technological attention today, 3D printers of all shapes and sizes are being created to cater to different markets and purposes. One such invention happens to be a multi-axis robotic 3D printer created by an Amsterdam based company, MX3D, and this printer promises to 3D...

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Carbon3D’s New CLIP Technology Rapidly Speeds Printing

It’s a known fact that 3D printing has become the ‘in’ technology of the modern world.  The ability to convert a digital file into a physical object is amazing in itself.  Now a new startup, Carbon3D, are using a chemical trick to speed up 3D printing. Based in Redwood City,...

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6 Amazing Uses for 3D Printing Technology

There’s a lot of hype around 3D printing and it’s well deserved.  3D printing has actually been around for a long time, mostly in industrial settings.  Like any technology though, the hardware got smaller and cheaper and the software required got easier to use over time.  This method has become...

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