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Gita Is The Cargo Robot You've Been Waiting For 0

Gita Is The Cargo Robot You’ve Been Waiting For

Have you ever come across this situation in your childhood where you towed your stuff behind you in a wagon? The company that manufactures the Vespa scooter has a new branch that has created the 21st century equivalent of that wagon. A self-balancing two-wheeled cargo robot that is capable of...

robot chefs make ramen 6 0

Robot Chefs Prepare Noodles in 90 Seconds!!!!

With the age of robotics around, many things are becoming obsolete, even human chefs.  A restaurant in Shanghai has ditched the normal human chef and gone for something more futuristic, like robot chefs. Toyako, a restaurant which opened last month in the Hongkou district of Shanhai, has customers lined up...

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