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Top 10 Console Styled iOS Games

Do you own an iPhone? Or an iPad? Well, here’s a list of 10 console styled iOS games that you can enjoy on your device! 10. Fallout Shelter This game was announced at E3 by Bethesda and though it looks much like many other games, its gameplay is very engaging...

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Valve enters the home console business with Steam Machines.

Earlier in the week we reported on the announcement of the Steam OS, as Valve announced part one of its three-part Steam Box plan and now, Valve followed suit with another announcement of the Steam Box hardware. They’re known as Steam Machines, and multiple versions will exist with different prices, manufacturers,...

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Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends

Since the early days of video games, young gamers have whispered secrets on the schoolyard and spent long hours trying to make the most outrageous gaming myths come true. Some kids heard their best friend’s cousin found Mew under a truck in “Pokemon”; others were utterly convinced there was a...


Top 6 Best Movies based on Video Games

It seems like every single time Hollywood has tries to adapt a film into a game or vice versa, the results are terrible. But the new slew of content coming out of the world of video game companies like Ubisoft and EA is nothing short of inspiring. The upcoming Assassins...


Oculas Rift, the true Next Gen?

The Oculus Rift an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display, which is changing the way people perceive and play games.

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