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Newest Privacy Glasses for Phones from Turkey

Do you hate when people peek at your phone screen on the bus or over your shoulder? Well, hate no more because a Turkish inventor, Celal Göger, has invented special privacy glasses to keep those nosy people at bay. These glasses enable the wearer only to see his/her’s smartphone screen....

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Kopin Reveals Solos Smart Glasses For Cyclists

With the fast paced evolution of smartphones and computers, different gadgets have also been invented for the cyclists which keep them updated about different things. But invariably, these gadgets draw focus away from the road. Even if it’s a tracking app that is being used on a phone, it requires...

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Google’s Project Soli Is The Future Of Gesture Control

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division, commonly known as ATAP, have introduced some pretty amazing and futuristic proposals before. But their new project caught everyone’s attention at the Google I/O. Called the Project Soli, it is very innovative and useful and it couldn’t come at a better time. Basically it...

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