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MIT Researchers Are Making Graphene Stronger 0

MIT Researchers Are Making Graphene Stronger

Graphene, the world’s strongest material, can be made even stronger by a method invented by a research team at the MIT. Zhao Qin, CEE research scientist and study co-author, told; “Once we created these 3D structures, we wanted to see what’s the limit—what’s the strongest possible material we can produce....

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Black Phosphorus Is The Next Big Thing In Transistors’ World

Scientists have been researching for a long time to increasing the number of transistors onto a chip and have been examining the potential of graphene for a number of years now. But graphene is not the only two-dimensional material capable enough. Another promising and capable candidate was revealed by the...

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Graphene Rubber Bands Set to Revolutionize Healthcare

When we were in school we used rubber bands to hold things together or to shoot them at someone.  Now they’re being used for way more important things.  Researchers in the UK have been able to turn normal rubber bands into body motion sensors by infusing them with graphene flakes.A...

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