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5 Must Have Solar Powered Gadgets

It is really a bummer when our gadgets run out of juice and we cannot do the tasks that we normally would. Using the unlimited supply of energy from the Sun, the following gadgets come in really handy. These are not only smart, but also clean. Here is a list...

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Germany to Ban Vehicle Emissions by 2030

With most of Europe already shifting to electric vehicles, Germany is also set to follow course with the country planning to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles by 2030. The Germans are serious about this and they plan to reduce the carbon vehicle emissions by 85-95% by...

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Green Technology – Dubai to Build World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

Last week, Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) announced building the world’s largest solar power plant comprising of 5 individual facilities. The sheer size of this project can be estimated from the fact that the plant will produce 1000MW of energy by 2020 and when fully complete in 2030, it...

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WIND TREES: A Prototype To Conserve Energy

Energy conservation is a one of the most important goals nowadays.  A French company has developed a prototype “Wind Tree” that generates power from air currents.  Marketing for the invention will begin next year. The founder of the Parisian company, NewWind, Jerome Michaud-Lariviere explains that the tree uses tiny blades...

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