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Final of DUV01-08 series on Apple 0

Apple Walls Come Tumbling Down With First Ever Ransomware Virus

Own a Macintosh computer?  We’re sure you think it’s the best computer on Earth….safe from hacker attacks.  Well, think again.  This past weekend, Apple customers have been targeted by a new and fast circulating malware called Ransomware.  Those who are initiating it want more than just a reaction….they want cash....

kickstarter 0

Kickstarter hacked, user data stolen

The crowd-funding site says hackers broke into its systems and made off with data. Apparently credit card numbers escaped the attack. Hackers hit crowd-funding site Kickstarter and made off with user information, the site said Saturday. Though no credit card info was taken, the site said, attackers made off with...

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